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Bonus tips - in artistic form!

Bonus tips - in artistic form!

Reminder to Schedulers: Approval Procedures

The Office of Conference & Event Services has recently received a lot of feedback from users who are unsure if their event requests have been confirmed despite receiving confirmation emails from schedulers.

It turns out that the Event State on their 25Live confirmations are displayed as “Tentative” instead of “Confirmed.” You may have even noticed this when you request use of a location that you do not facilitate.

While some schedulers are closing the feedback loop accurately, other schedulers are dismissing this very crucial step in the process. To avoid any further misunderstandings from a customer service standpoint, it is imperative that we remain consistent in communicating with 25Live users.

Instructions on changing the state are outlined in the 25Live Approvals and Task List documentation.

These steps will ensure that, across the board, 25Live users receive a clear and consistent message regarding the state of their event requests no matter what locations they desire.

Please continue to refer users to the 25Live FAQ for answers to many common questions.

Login Issues? Short Term Workaround…

The migration from Novell to Active Directory over the break is creating some login issues for 25Live users. We’re working with NSS and CollegeNet on a fix, but things aren’t progressing as quickly as we’d hoped, so we’re implementing a “plan b” approach for users who need to schedule events occurring within the next 30 days and are unable to sign in to 25Live.

To have your reservation entered by a member of the Scheduling & Space Management staff, e-mail ces@rowan.edu with the following information:

Event Name:

Event Type:

Head Count:

Organization(s) responsible for the event:

Date of the Event: (include day of the week, month, date, and year)

Time of the Event: (Include start and end times with AM / PM designated)

Additional time needed outside of the event start and end times:

Desired Location(s) for the event:

Contact Information: (Name, E-mail, and phone #)

Any additional Information:

For help defining what should be included above, visit the 25Live page on the Conference & Event Services website.

Requests will be entered into 25Live in the order they are received.

The fine print…
Submission of an e-mail request to ces@rowan.edu will imply that the requestor has read and will comply with the Rowan University Scheduling & Facility Usage Policy, understands that requests placed less than five (5) days before the event date may not be approved, and further acknowledges that an event is NOT confirmed until a written confirmation is received from a University Space Scheduler.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

This offer is temporary and will be in effect only until the login issues are resolved.

Bonus Tip #4: E-Mailing Event Information

At Rowan, 25Live users are told that their event request should not be considered “Approved” until they receive written confirmation from one of the 60+ space schedulers on campus. Luckily, 25Live has a tool built-in to assist schedulers with sending confirmation reports and communicating event details.

To access the e-mail feature, select More Actions… in the upper right area of the screen then choose the Email Event Details option from the drop down menu. This will open a window similar to the one pictured here:


The e-mail can be sent to system-designated contacts by selecting the check boxes on the left, or to any e-mail address by filling in the address information in the boxes on the right. Text can be added to the body of the e-mail, and a number of select reports can be attached using the check boxes below the address section.

Once sent, the e-mail received by the user will include a PDF confirmation report and a url with a direct link to the event within the 25Live application. This link can be used to review details or edit the event as needed.


Bonus Tip #3: Know the Icons!

When submitting event requests, 25Live automatically checks the availability of location(s) and/or resource(s) for the dates and times specified in the reservation wizard.

The following icons may be displayed:

  • The Available icon is displayed next to a location/resource that is available at the specified dates and times.
  • The Shared icon is displayed next to a location that is available only because it was assigned to an event and shared with another event. (Example: Several small class sections that periodically meet together in a single larger location.) With this in mind, users should avoid submitting requests for locations that display this icon. Adjustments will be made in coming releases of 25Live that will preclude the selection of shared spaces.
  • The Conflict icon is displayed next to a location/resource that is not available. This icon may also be encountered when submitting multiple date occurrences with a specified meeting pattern (i.e. daily or weekly). The Event Status box in the top left area of the reservation wizard screen will indicate which dates in the pattern are unavailable.


    In this case, users should either (1) choose an alternate location (2) choose an alternate date or (3) remove the unavailable date(s) from the request in order to proceed.
  • The Caution icon is displayed as a “caution” when users haven’t yet selected a date or time, thus preventing 25Live from determining the availability of a location or resource.

For more tips and information, visit the Conference & Event Services 25Live page!
25Live Bonus Tip #2: Quick Search!

From the 25Live home screen, you can perform a Quick Search for events, locations, or resources.


Just type the search text in the appropriate search field (Event Search, Location Search, or Resource Search) then click Go or press Enter. The search looks for matches in event names and titles; location short and formal names; or resource names. Click the name to open an individual event, location, or resource; or you can right-click the name first to choose an option for display.

Things to Remember:

  • Enter whole word(s) or a word fragment that is part of the event, location, or resource name.
  • You may also enter the reference number (i.e. 2011-AAxxxx) to find an event.
  • The searches are not case-sensitive, so you may enter upper- or lowercase letters in any combination.
  • If you searched for an event, and results are displayed initially in a Calendar view that doesn’t show your event, switch to the List view. If the event still isn’t displayed, try changing the “Dates” control to specify “Search All Dates.”
For more tips and information, visit the Conference & Event Services 25Live page!
25Live Bonus tip 1 - Starred Items

When using 25Live to conduct searches or make requests, you may have noticed the  Staricon. It indicates your Starred Events, Locations, and Resources and allows quick access to information on the items you work with regularly.

The advantage of starring items is that you can later retrieve just those events, locations, or resources in a single request.

Organizations and contacts may be starred and unstarred, but only during event creation/editing at this time.

From time to time, you’ll probably want to remove the stars accompanying items that are no longer of special interest to you. Just re-click the icon next to the item to ‘unstar’ it.